At Eartha Botanicals we think that beauty products should be effortless, personal, non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, and highly effective. We believe that anything you put on your skin should be of the purest quality, and we don’t believe in fillers. Everything in our products comes from the highest quality natural materials and is beneficial for your skin. With ingredients limited to natural plant pigments, luxurious plant butters and oils, and the purest minerals, you can trust Eartha Botanicals to highlight your unique natural beauty.

Before we were co-owners of Eartha Botanicals, we fell in love based on our shared passion for animal rights, environmental sustainability, and living an outdoor lifestyle. Scott holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, and is currently working on his Masters of Science in Environmental Biology. Katherine began working in the beauty industry in 2006, and attended Paul Mitchell the School for Cosmetology. She has since worked in both salons and as a freelance makeup artist. With our combined knowledge, you can trust that we will bring you the most effective products possible while also being environmentally sustainable and cruelty free.


Are you cruelty-free certified?

We are certified by both Leaping Bunny and PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies progam. We are honored to be a welcomed part of these initiatives to reduce animal cruelty and with their help, only use ingredients from suppliers that have pledged to never contribute to the harm or suffering of any animal.

What do you do for sustainability?

We do our best to use ingredients and packaging that are sustainable and come from recycled materials. We also use biodegradable packaging when possible, which we encourage our customers to add to their compost pile. These materials help mitigate pollution, deforestation, and the destruction of the homes of both humans and non-human animals. Landfill leachate (chemicals leaching out of landfills) contaminating our natural areas and our drinking water with phalates and other pollutants is a major concern to us, which is why we only use recyclable containers and encourage our customers to recycle or reuse all packaging that cannot go into their compost. We use ingredients sourced in the USA whenever possible to reduce our carbon footprint caused by carbon dioxide emissions as a result of transportation of materials, and offer refills on products when we can to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Why don’t you use caranuba wax?

Caranuba (Copernicia prunifera) wax is a wax commonly used in cosmetics that is the product of the caranuba palm tree, which is found only in a small portion of Brazil and is slow growing (and therefore, less renewable). Caranuba wax is much less sustainable than the alternative, candelilla wax. Candelilla wax comes from a wildflower called the Candelilla (Euphorbia antisyphilitica). This plant is a very fast-growing perennial, which makes its growth very sustainable and this plant can be sourced natively in the USA, reducing carbon dioxide emission due to transportation from shipping. This is why the only wax that can be found in our products is sustainably sourced from the Candelilla wildflower.

Why don’t you use beeswax?

Beeswax not only does not align with our vegan ideals, but it is also sourced from the honey bee (Apis mellifera), which is non-native to the United States and considered invasive by most biology experts. The honey bee has contributed to the decline of many native bees, including many bumble bee species (Bombus spp.) and many species of sweat bee, due to over competition. The conservation of natural resources is a top priority for us, and we have been physically involved in the effort to conserve our native bee species and their remaining habitat for several years.

Do you provide complimentary products to beauty influencers, YouTubers and bloggers in exchange for an unbiased review?

We are happy to provide complimentary products to beauty influencers, YouTubers and bloggers in exchange for an unbiased review in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products. Please contact Katherine Carlock for more information.